These links are to other areas of Josh Yavelberg's creative life.  They are portfolios and products that relate to Josh's wide variety of interests and endeavors.

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1   Link   Facebook Page
This is my artistic Facebook page. I will be using this as a mini-blog and will also be sharing latest artworks on here. Please "LIKE" me!
2   Link   Yavelberg Studios, LLC
Yavelberg Studios is the commissioned art company founded by Josh Yavelberg in 1995. The company specializes in portrait and mural commissions and houses the portfolio of Josh's commissioned works of art.
3   Link   George Mason University Academic PhD Portfolio
This site houses the academic portfolio created in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a PhD in Higher Education with a specialization in Educational Technology and Art Education at George Mason University.
4   Link   Yavelfolio.com
Yavelfolio is an academic, formative portfolio system used and created by Josh Yavelberg to engage students in a blended learning environment in an effort to bridge the gap between traditional arts education and 21st century skills.
5   Link   Josh Yavelberg's Teaching Portfolio
This site houses Josh's teaching portfolio including reflections, examples of student work, and other artifacts relevant to strengthening Josh's role as an instructor.
6   Link   eFolio Network
Expanding the concepts of Yavelfolio, eFolio Network will eventually house a network for academic portfolios used in conjunction with educational settings. This is being developed through the recently founded educational software company Flying Cloud Software for which Josh is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Learning Officer
7   Link   Josh Yavelberg's Photoshare
This site houses the photo share between Josh Yavelberg and his friends. All pictures on this site are restricted to close personal friends and you must request access to join.
8   Link   Cheryl Parsons - Artist
This is the website of Cheryl Parsons. It houses her artistic endeavors and is maintained by Josh.
9   Link   Yavelberg's NFL Challenge 2012-2013
This is a simple fantasy football site set up by Yavelberg to compete with close friends and family.
10   Link   Yavelberg Courses
Future site housing Yavelberg's course content and open-source learning environments. This will be done with possible expansion into paid workshops and facilitated online course instruction.