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Thursday, 08 March 2012 15:15
I am now showing my work at Skynear Designs Gallery in Adams Morgan.  This gallery is a small interior design firm that carries Britto's work and a bunch of other cool items.  Cheryl Parsons and I were recently approached to show some of our work there and I have already been finding a lot of interest in my style.  This may be a great spot for my work as the designers there are very enthusiastic about everything. Currently on display:   Wire self portrait, several drawings, flying angel, and some of the hand pieces from the starving artist series.   Other Notes: I will renew my boycott on The Art League Gallery in Alexandria.  This gallery and organization has been nothing but a headache for me since I moved to the DC region.  My mother did a lot of work for them early on with very little respect given due to the nature of the politics that saturate the organization.  My recent run-in proves to me that they have not changed in their ways and still pander to old ladies. Their recent show, "Play" explores the concepts of fun games, amusement and such and pushes for a viewer-based quality.  My piece "Poke" was submitted and was rejected before even being juried because..... wait for it.... "No Hanging Wire." I am fine with being rejected from a show for aesthetic reasons pitted against my peers, however for a purely lazy reason such as no wire is ridiculous.  I claim this as ridiculous because it shows a gallery snapping to a decision without weighing the rationale behind the fact that there is no wire included on the piece. The simple fact is that the piece will become un-level or possibly break from the wire given the motion of the vibration in the piece and the constant touching.  The lack of wire is thus a practical decision where I have  opted for the two hook hanging method which takes all of 30 seconds longer to perform. I have run galleries before and participated in numerous hangings.  The fact that a gallery does not take the time to consider a piece because it is not engineered in the traditional format (mind you wire is not the gold standard for hanging), is just staggeringly archaic and inconsiderate. Now, if you would like to go to the show, you can check out Cheryl's painting, "Kindergarten" which won an honorable mention if you can find it.  Their unprofessional-ism extends to their hanging placement as they put an award winning piece tucked behind the desk in a place where nobody can get close enough to view the brilliance of the work.  Their logic is simply baffling. I will continue to boycott this gallery as I believe that it is a corrupt organization that acts without thinking.   Other Notes Part 2: I am planning out a new courses site.  I plan to construct a platform to house Massive Open Online Courses developed by myself.  I hope to share the courses I have designed as open source content and eventually move to hosting paid online workshops and even open the platform up to other instructors to host their own webinars.  Let me know if you are interested or have any suggestions or thoughts.